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2012 wood design package. 2012 ed. Leesburg, VA


ACI manual of concrete practice, 2014. Farmington Hills, MI

Administrative federal environmental assessment, Connecticut finding of no significant impact

Advancing the use of streaming media and digital media technologies at the Connecticut Department of Transportation. Newington, CT

Alternative methods for safety analysis and intervention for constructing commercial vehicles and drivers in Connecticut

Analyzing the economic impacts of transportation projects. Rocky Hill, CT

Asphalt materials and mixtures, 2013. Volume 4. Washington, D.C.


Benchmarking Connecticut’s transportation infrastructure capital program with other states


Cady-Copp Homestead. Hartford, CT

The Clark farm tenant house archaeological site, East Granby, Connecticut

Commuting in America 2013

Concept development of a bullnose guardrail system for median applications. Lincoln, Neb.

The construction superintendent’s handbook. New York


Demonstration and purchases of PG binder testing equipment, Phase 1 and 2

Design and evaluation of high-tension cable median barrier hardware. Lincoln, Neb.

Determination of the maximum MGS mounting height

Development of a runway veer-off location distribution risk assessment model and reporting template. Washington, D.C.

Digital preservation of a highway photolog film archive in Connecticut


Ebenezer Story homestead and tavern site


Federal environmental assessment, Connecticut finding of no significant impact

Framing surface transportation research for the nation’s future. Washington, D.C


Glimpses of ancient Norwalk and Wilton

Guidance for treatment of airport stormwater containing deicers. Washington, D.C.


Highways to history


Impacts of aging travelers on airports. Washington, D.C.

Implementation of the AASHTO Mechanistic-empirical pavement design guide and software. Washington, D.C.

Integrating community emergency response teams (A-CERTs) at airports. Washington, D.C.


Laboratory results of evaluations on geotextiles

LTBP bridge performance primer. McLean, VA


Measuring and removing dissolved metals from stormwater in highly urbanized areas. Washington, D.C.


New England Transportation Consortium. Annual report for calendar year Storrs, Conn.


Operations plan for continuing urban transportation planning in the capitol planning region. Hartford, Conn

Outcomes of green initiatives: large airport experiences

Over 5,000 years of history in eastern Connecticut


Pathways to the past. Newington, Conn. Pathways to the past

Performance comparison of PG 64-22 versus PG 64-28 asphalt in hot mix asphalt placed in Connecticut. Storrs, Connecticut

Phase II development of a bullnose guardrail system for median applications. Lincoln

The procedure handbook of arc welding. 14th ed. Cleveland, OH


The Quinebaug River Prehistoric Archaeological District


Rail transit track inspection practices. Washington, D.C.

Roadway safety data interoperability between local and state agencies. Washington, D.C. Transportation Research Board, 2014

Roundabouts, 2013. Washington, D.C.


State department of transportation fleet replacement management practices. Washington, D.C.

Specification for grouting of post-tensioned structures. Third edition, first printing, April 2012. Farmington Hills, Mich.


TR news. Washington, D.C.